hi, i'm jennie!

I am obsessed with design and technology and all things geeky! When designing across any platform, my favorite challenge is user experience. I love taking large amounts of data and turning it into something beautiful- something easy for the audience to understand. I work hard but I know how to have a little fun in the work environment. I absolutely love organizing, making lists, rearranging, and simplifying processes to make them more understandable. I am skilled in using systems and strategies to create beautiful designs.

I have a serious, get-to-work side but also a quirky, outgoing, and energetic side! I'm a Designasaur- I love being a little weird and keeping true to my authentic self. I have a positive personality and I always try to turn a bad day into a great one, to help make a friend smile, and lend a helping hand. I do my best work in an environment with other designers- where my time is spent equally designing by myself and with a group. I like to have other designasaur brains around to bounce ideas off of and get suggestions from. I thrive in an environment that challenges me to push past my comfort zone and learn new ideas and techniques.

As for my love of technology, I just can't get enough! I love taking apart a computer to figure out how it works and then putting it back together. I enjoy figuring out how to fix a goofy setting on a phone. If there's new hardware coming out, you can bet I'm learning everything I can about it! I also enjoy looking at old technology too- it's just amazing how far technology has come in such a short time.

If you'd like to know more, click the contact button above and shoot me an email- I'd love to hear from you!