Playing cards

The goal of this piece was to create a deck of cards using only three swatches of color. The subject is based on my favorite hobby- computers. I chose to make the face cards be major internal components within a computer. I chose the motherboard as the King because it is the part that keeps all of the other components in line. The Queen is a hard drive because that is the brains of the operation. Lastly, the Jack is a fan because he keeps the King ‘cool.’ I wanted this piece to have a nerdy humor to it. I also created the Joker to be a computer virus to fit the puns that can be found in the main deck. The suits and typeface are handmade to look as though they are designed for an 8-bit system. And the card backs and the backgrounds on the fronts of the cards are circuitry, similar to what can be seen when a motherboard is zoomed in on.