Seed Packets

This is an installation piece that is inspired by Stacy Levy’s installation called ‘Dendritic Decay Garden.’ Levy’s installation is located on an old parking lot that was supposed to be turned into a park or public area. The city didn’t have enough money in the budget to rip out all of the concrete. This is where Levy came in- her installation involved carving out small shapes and curls to expose the dirt below. She planted a variety of plants in the cut outs and then let nature take care of the rest of the parking lot. As the plants grow, the roots break up the remaining concrete. I took the concept behind this idea and applied it to the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point campus. It began in the Art Building which is primarily made of concrete. I made 8 different seed packets and illustrated and narrated each one according to the type of seed that was inside. I placed them around the building and instructed that people could take them home and plant them. They could keep them in a dorm or apartment window to break up the dull of concrete buildings and white walls. 

Photos of Stacy Levy's Dendritic Decay Garden were taken with permission from